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Open Mobility Platform

Who can benefit?


Are you developing a MaaS application and don’t want to handle all the integrations? Do you need mobility data? Access to an on-demand transport reservation system? Check out our API documentation.

Transport Operators

You can be a part of the #futureofmobility by connecting to Open Transport. We will help your fleet work at full capacity, provide you with invaluable data and data tools that will improve your operations, and give you access to automatic fleet services. Email us to know more.

Fleet Services

If you provide vehicle maintenance, insurance, or other fleet products such as software, you can use our platform to automatise your offer to thousands of connected vehicles.

Why should I partner with Open Transport?

Open Data

Data from services using public infrastructure such as roads must be public for the benefit of citizens and city planners. We help cities, fleets, public transit systems improve their infrastructure and services by providing data tools and free access to data.

Billing Services

With a token payment system that can be integrated with transport operators and openly used by everyone Open Transport makes transit billing & ticketing possible today. (Decentralised solution coming soon)

Open Transport automatically handles all the billing between the mobility providers and the mobility operators.

Fleet Support & Intelligence

Mobility is rapidly changing, aided by technology. Existing transport operators are not receiving access to that technology. Together with partners Open Transport offers a console where Public and private transport providers can access the last tools to improve their services and market intelligence.

Open Transport API is simple and easy to use. It gives you access to whole data so that you can focus on the logic.

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We are partnering with entities that share common principles

We are working with other brands to provide you thousands of vehicles from a single API

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We are connecting mobility all over the world. Contact us if you want to do it with us. [email protected]