Create a booking

To create a booking, make the following API request:

POST /api/beta/vehicles/{vehicle_id}/bookings
	"customer_name": "John Smith",
	"customer_phone_number": "+44 1623 661787",
	"from_position": {
		"lat": 50.0,
		"lng": 1.0,
	"to_position": {
		"lat": 52.0,
		"lng": 2.0,
  • {vehicle_id} - (string) The ID of the Vehicle being booked (discovered when Finding vehicles)
  • customer_name - (string) The name of the customer making the booking
  • customer_phone_number - (string) Phone number on which the customer maybe reached
  • from_position - (geo object) Pick-up position
  • to_position - (geo object) Destination position

Once created, you’ll get a 201 Created response with the following body:

	"booking_id": "abc123",
	"status": "pending"
  • booking_id - (string) Unique ID for the booking
  • status - (string) The status of the booking


When a booking is created, the vehicle-booking-create webhook is triggered.

What next?

Once you have created a booking, you can check its status by getting the Booking.

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